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"BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY" Some may call it a tagline, but for us, it’s a way of life. ​There is a room for every one, No matter of ​ your workout of choice, we want you to feel good while reaching your goals.

Facility includes Weight training, Cardio Vascular endurance, Group Arena, Cross Fit, Functional Training, Kettle Bells, Olympic Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Zumba, Power Yoga, Steam, Shower, Supplementation, Nutritional Guidance, Tailor made diets by the Fitness professional/experts etc. OUR Certified personal trainers work with you to experience all the Awesomeness that REWIND FITNESS has to offer at an incredibly low prices.

The ideal workout plan for when you are at the gym involves achieving the perfect balance between strength/weight training and cardio workouts. Achieving your body goals can be a long process but with the right training program and dedication, it's not hard to get it done.


    We are the nurturers, we seek only to encourage, entertain and empower.


    Here we open minds. There is no type or way in our diverse community.

  • FUN

    We know that serious fitness is hard, but that doesn't mean one cannot enjoy doing them. We make it FUN FILLED experience for you!



Cardio vascular training is designed to increase your muscular endurance by improving the performance of your heart & lungs.

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Muscle gain can be done with a right fitness regimen appropriate exercises & food intake. Our experts ensure both.

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With our nutritional experts & proper counseling, we customize your diet plan with a proper balance of all the nutrients needed by your body.

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Functional Training

Want to look good and move well? Functional training is an approach to training that can be used a little or a lot to increase strength, correct imbalances, improve movement quality, and help you gain comfort and confidence in a variety of positions. If you’re burned out on high volume, high intensity workouts and are ready to train in a way that supports longevity and feels good on your body, you can explore functional bodybuilding with rewindfitness

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Kettle Bell training

Kettlebells engage your entire body at once, unlike dumbbells or barbells they involve large number of repetitions and build strength and endurance.

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Yoga & Power Yoga

Yoga is a Physical, mental and spiritual practices that aim to transform mind and body. It can create a wonderful sense of balance in your body, mind and spirit.

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Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance, by the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight.

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Weight Training

You are on your way to cut down the fats and feel fit. Shed those extra kilos with our fat loss program specifically designed to meet all your needs.

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Cross Fit

All of our CrossFit classes have a Basic Workout and a Performance Workout. Everyone starts out with the Basics and is welcome to perform the Performance workout as soon as you have the skills to do so. Performance skills include higher level movements such as handstand push-ups, ring dips, and pistols as well as heavier weights in all movements, but especially the Olympic lifts.

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